Child Psychology

Dr. Arden has seen children for evaluation and treatment  for many years. The area of child psychology focuses on children from infancy through adolescence. A wide variety of topics within psychology are encompassed in child psychology. The child  psychologist  may work as a psychotherapist to children, a family therapist, or as a researcher in studies designed to help people understand children better. Child psychologists study how children learn, how various behaviors develop, the impact of environment on developing children, and many other topics. Children make difficult and sometimes controversial study subjects, because they cannot grant consent in the same way adults do, and studies in child psychology must be carefully constructed as a result.

There are many forms of applied child psychology, in which a psychologist actively works with children. A child psychologist might provide services to special needs children, helping kids with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and other issues. Child psychologists also assist children who are psychologically troubled with counseling, therapy, and recommendations to child psychiatrists who may be able to prescribe medications and other treatments. Others may develop instruction plans designed to help children learn effectively, or work with children who are experiencing psychological issues such as the loss of a parent, a sudden move, physical or sexual abuse, or a natural disasters.

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