Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychologist Los Angeles and New York NY State Supreme Court House

Forensic psychology is a field that deals with both psychology and the law. The field has witnessed dramatic growth in recent years, as more and more students become interested in this applied branch of psychology. Popular movies, television programs and books have help popularize the field,

Some of the functions typically performed within forensic psychology include:

  • Competency evaluations
  • Sentencing recommendations
  • Evaluations of the risk of reoffending
  • Testimony as an expert witness
  • Child custody evaluations

Dr. Jeffrey Arden conducts comprehensive psychological evaluations in a number of areas. He conducts Child Custody Evaluations, Criminal Evaluations, and Competency Evaluations. He often testifies in court, and in a number of legal contexts.

Dr. Jeffrey Arden, also offers Comprehensive Expert Forensic Psychological Evaluations and services to help defense and plaintiff attorneys working on cases with psychological or psychiatric issues.  He researches the relevant professional literature to help develop specific direct and cross-examination strategies and critically review psychological evaluations, depositions, and other work of other expert witnesses.

Dr. Arden provides general and forensic psychological testing services and mental health assessment services.  Forensic psychologist, Dr Jeffrey Arden has been qualified as an  expert witness in Forensic Psychology throughout several counties in both California and New York.  He has extensive expertise performing psychological evaluations and providing expert testimony as a forensic psychologist regarding a variety of clinical and psycho-legal issues.


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